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Episode 10: Unreleased

Posted on Oct 31, 2019 | 3 comments

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Well. This one is a bit of a mess. But it’s our first one back after quite a long time, so we’re entitled. Also, these damn things are always a mess. Also also, Emily forgot that Nick isn’t allowed at podcast recordings. We talk about that. And I blame Nick for everything.

The “theme” of this one is a list of random questions Emily’s mother sent for us to answer and we toooootally get to them. Well, not all of them. And it takes us a bit. First, we have to talk about how to spell “dough,” because obvi. We also needed to spend some time catching you up on our lives, which, unsurprisingly, did not take very long.

Nick talks about suicide a weird amount. We go into some relationship counseling with Nick and Em.

The following questions were answered:

  1. Ice in your drinks?
  2. Why is there no security at baggage claim? Is it a free-for-all?
  3. Which is weirder, switching from crying to laughing or laughing to crying?

That’s it. Feel free to enjoy.

Or don’t.


  1. LOL. This one is….a mess. I think I got everything lined back up, but if you come across echoes, let me know. There are a few seconds of silence in the middle where the computer orgasmed. We didn’t do much of a transition, so I think I am going to go back and put something in so that nobody thinks the episode is broken. Don’t know what yet.

    By the way my first nominations for the title are Brian: “Just chalking this one up to a shit show” and Jason: “Stop. Fucking. Clapping.”

  2. Second vote for “Stop. Fucking. Clapping.”
    Other alternatives:
    You’re going to need to kiss Brian.
    There is no spit lube here.
    Maggot balls
    Ass, party of one.

    Also, after the break, we got a little echo-y. And then we got REAL echo-y at the end.

    • HAHAHAHAHA. How could anyone think we aren’t a good time?

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