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Episode 9: Fork Me in the Booty Hole

Posted on Sep 30, 2019 | 8 comments

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 You know what to do with an albatross? Eat it and then kill yourself. That’s what the main character in our riddle did, anyway. If you want to know why, listen until the end, and you just might find out! Or maybe you won’t. Intrigue!

Really, though. We spent a long damn time on this riddle. Episode gets a little dry in the middle. Not us, just the podcast.


  1. Really have no idea why we didn’t release this one. Although I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, so there could still be surprises.

  2. Possible titles:
    Never mind, sounds like work, I take it back.
    It’s always a good idea to have spare rice.
    I don’t fuckin’ know what a topiary is.
    Is the bird in The Little Mermaid a seagull?
    Fork me in the booty hole.
    Dick-tron, mega-tron
    Don’t be like Chad.

    • HAHAHAHAHA. Well, “Fork me in the booty hole” made me laugh out loud in the middle of Starbucks, so that’s my vote. Also, that 100% sounds like something I would say. Was that me? I’m listening now.

      • It wasn’t me! But I like that I clearly state that’s my vote for title.

  3. Listening to this in Starbucks and I’m pretty sure this lady wearing a HS staff shirt just took my picture. I must be looking gooooooood today.

  4. LOL. “It’s about animals. On a farm.”

  5. Also, when Brian talks about rice —> â—‰_â—‰

  6. Ok, we took waaaaay too long with this riddle. I’m bored. Could definitely skip the last 20 minutes.

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